Whiskey Cocktails To Have In 2022!

Do not worry if you haven’t had a whiskey cocktail in your life. Do not even worry if you haven’t had whiskey in the first place. 

And if you want to get into the world of Whiskey, try their Cocktails first and then slowly get into the world of Whiskey and Whiskey only.

Cocktails are a great way to have fun while still getting the booze. Especially in parties that you host, cocktails are great to get people together and have some fun.

These cocktails come with any range of whiskies like Scotch and Irish Whiskies or even Canadian whiskies like Crown Royal.

On the other hand, you can use Bourbon whiskies like Jim Beam or Chestnut Farms Bourbon.

To know more on Chestnut Farms bourbon, click here.

So, here we go for the cocktails that you must try today if you are a beginner.

Water Moccasin Shot

Water Moccasin Shot

Water Moccasin shot is not too hard, it is smooth and good enough with medium strength for beginners to try. It has light citrus flavor but should be good enough.

Ingredients: Peach Schnapps, Crown Royal, Sweet & Sour Mix, Triple Sec

Read here for Water Moccasin Shot Recipe.


Whiskey Highball

This is a classic drink, made with only Whiskey and Ginger Ale. The drink is meant to be refreshing and smooth. You can also add up Club Soda if you like to make it light.

Ingredients: Whiskey (any type of Whiskey), Ginger Ale

Millionaire Cocktail:

Millionaire Cocktail

What a lovely name? Just makes you a millionaire, doesn’t it? Not sure, but it definitely makes you feel like one. Refreshing and fascinating. Just see the ingredients and you will know why it is so loved.

Ingredients: Rye Whiskey (or) bourbon Whiskey, Orange Curacao, Grenadine, Raspberry Liqueur. 

Apple Jack:

Apple Jack Cocktail

A very simple cocktail to make – just Whiskey and Apple Juice. The taste is more apple and easy on the taste buds. And for the whiskey, have some big brand like Jack Daniels whiskey and you will know why whiskey is so loved.

Ingredients: Jack Daniels, Apple Juice

Dublin Dubliner:

Dublin Dubliner Cocktail

You would have guessed what goes into this, right? Yes, Irish Whiskey. And nothing much after that. Just Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey and you get the Dubliner ready. Easy and smooth like a cream, even your first timer friend will love this.

Ingredients: Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream

Southern Belle:

Southern Belle Cocktail

As easy as you would like and more fruity than whiskey. Just two alcoholic ingredients with one as Whiskey and the other as the Orange liqueur. These are followed by Orange and Pineapple fruit juices and you will know why you want to give this to your beginner friend.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice